How to build a guitar wall mount | DIY guitar wall mount

''diy guitar wall mount

To build a guitar wall mount was always in my mind. Most of the times, I was thinking of wood one. But then I thought, if it is iron, the look may be more rigid and it will be structurally strong. On a good sunny day, I sat to plan […]

Tripod table | Iron base | DIY woodworking INDIA

''tripod table

Hi all, welcome back. It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog. During the last few months, I have built a bookshelf/showcase, a part of TV unit, land phone cabinet and the last one a tripod table. Tripod table, a table on three sticks, always attracts […]

How to build a bed | DIY woodworking INDIA


I am a hobbyist woodworker who lives amidst woods in the weekend! LOL! This post will guide you how to build a single wooden bed by yourself. Believe me, woodworking is a not-so-difficult work, but attaining perfection is! And the perfection comes from practice. So, keep woodworking. This was quite an […]

Composting at home | How to compost | Convert kitchen waste to organic fertiliser


Welcome back to DIY woodworking INDIA. I was not actively blogging for the last few weeks due to immense pressure in my bread and butter job. However, I could partially complete the basin table. For details, please refer to this link. Continuing about composting, it is not something very tough. […]

Mortise and tenon | DIY woodworking INDIA


Most of today’s wooden window and door frame are celebrating the strength of mortise and tenon joint. In woodworking classes back in 2003-2004 which was part of engineering syllabus, this was the first thing which was taught to us. I could not understand at that time why they were teaching […]

Dovetail joint | DIY woodworking INDIA


I have read several articles on this particular joint. It is used extensively in making boxes, drawers etc. You may not find this joint in the woodworking as part of your interior decoration in India. Most of the carpenters working in the interior decoration in India join plywoods for the sake […]